Integrated control cabin

An enclosure for remotely controlling equipment. Generally (but not always) used to describe a Driller’s cabin. The enclosure typically includes both controls and instrumentation at an Operator’s workstation. These cabins have included controlled environment features such as heating and/or air conditioning. Cabins commonly have windows to see operations and may also be augmented with video displays for cameras showing areas difficult to see directly. The enclosure may also be purged to maintain a safe level of flammable gases or vapors by positive pressure or continuous flow. Integrated control cabins also often have some method of communicating with the rig floor integrated into the system. Often associated with an integrated control cabin is a control chair(s) for the driller with additional stations for pipehandling functions or redundancy. Ergonomics are also considered to help eliminate operator fatigue. The amount of stations ranges from just the driller’s station up to five stations on a multi-activity deepwater drillship. See Driller’s Chair.